Triin Tamm

Triin Tamm (b. Paide, Estonia, 1982; Lives and works) produces books, objects, collections, and confusion—outside of a linear progression, and without succumbing to the constraining expectations of the art system. At times working self-reflexively, Tamm comments on or renders transparent the processes of making her works or exhibitions. And she works a-temporally—producing documentation of potential works or retroactively producing those works from their documentation, collecting future titles, etc. Tamm works in response to the dwindling space for artistic freedom, and widens it a bit.

Tamm graduated from Poznan Academy of Arts, Poland (2005). A retrospective of Tamm’s work was exhibited at OUI, Grenoble (2009), for which a corresponding catalogue was produced. Her work has since been included in solo and group exhibitions internationally at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (2012); Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp (2012); Sans Serriffe, Amsterdam (2012); KIM? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga (2012); Corner College, Zurich (2011); HIAP, Helsinki (2011); and Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn, (2011).