Different Types of Prom Dresses

With prom season coming up, you know you’ll have to look for a dress soon before they’re all sold out or rented out. If you don’t know what kind of prom dress you’re going to get yet, we’ll break it down for you. Different types of prom dresses are meant for different things, different situations, and even different body types. Don’t worry, in the end it is still your decision. We’re just here to help you have the best night of your high school life and make sure your dress doesn’t get in the way of that.


A-Line Mini Dresses

This is the dress that is made for those of you who loves to dance around freely, as it will give you all the freedom that you need. An A-line midi dress is made to fit every single body type, from skinny to curvy, tall to short, any type. It compliments your hips and elevates your posture in every single way needed.

However, some girls doesn’t like these type of dress because it can be deemed too informal to wear to prom. It is more like something you’d wear to a wedding, or a fancy date, not really a prom dress. But for you who don’t care, and wants to move like you don’t care, this dress is perfect for you.


woman in blue long dressLong Dresses

And then there’s the traditional prom gown. Luxurious, elegant, these are the words that comes to mind when we think of prom gowns. Some even pass wedding gowns like the ones in Kleider für die Hochzeit as prom dresses, that’s how elegant a prom gown is. You can also look for bridesmaids dresses and it should suit as a prom gown as well.

However, we wouldn’t recommend this to those of your who are not very tall, unless your gown is customized to your height. You could end up with a dress that is overflowing and swallow you instead of making you look elongated.



Midi Dresses

For those of you who love the 90s and retro, vintage fashion, a midi dress would suit you perfectly. Any type of midi dress has this vibe, whether it is an A-Line midi dress that is wide (typical vintage prom dress, like the one in Pretty in Pink), or a bodycon midi dress which makes you look like an executive boss lady.

You can also rock this dress no matter what body type you have, but we’d recommend it to short girls who wants to look elongated but doesn’t want to wear a mini dress. It can make you look more elegant and taller, just pair it with the right heels!


girl white short long dressCocktail Dresses

Yes, we know, a cocktail dress isn’t meant for a prom dress! However, today’s fashion calls for cocktail dresses as part of any occasion, even prom! Don’t think of those cocktail bodycon mini dresses you see when people go clubbing, think of the embellished kind.

There are elegant cocktail dresses made with silk, or velvet, and mixed with glitter, mesh, or beads in the design. You can also getaway with a cocktail dress with a long skirt attachment, so you can wear a ‘gown’ during prom and take it off for the after party.