Signs And Types Of Domestic Violence

Despite the various measures to tackle domestic violence, such incidences have been rising. Social or econtattoo on backomic circumstances mainly aggravate these problems. Rising poverty levels also amplify family problems. The situation becomes worse when the problem spreads within their family as it may affect children who end up being abusive in their future life. Domestic violence also poses a danger to children as they exhibit certain behavioral changes changing their life forever.Research has proven that parents engaging in violent acts experienced attachment issues and trauma in their childhood.


Domestic violence affects all races, classes, ethnicities and sexual preferences. The troubled relationship, difficulties in finding employments and mental health problems are unveiled cases of domestic violence in later life.

These are the early warning signs of domestic violence

  • Indicators of an abusive relationship
  • Privately or publicly insulting the victim
  • Accusing others of infidelity
  • Pressurizing a boyfriend of girlfriend in an early relationship
  • Through physical threats such as hitting walls, hurting family pets and even breaking things
  • Uncontrolled behaviors such as preventing someone from engaging in social occasions

Types of domestic violence

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is an aggressive behavior ranging from murder to bruising. It begins slowly and then escalates into severe and more frequent attacks including;

  • Punching, choking or biting others
  • Reckless driving which might cause accidents
  • Forbidding others significantly fro eating or sleeping

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse has an impact on one’s well-being and mental health. It is demonstrated through the following activities. It is shown by persistent criticism, cheating or accusing others of infidelity. Controlling others mode of behavior or appearance is also part of emotional violence.

Sexual abuseSensual pose

This is the most common form of domestic abuse. Mainly occurs when one is forced in taking part in unwanted sex such as rape or forced pornography viewing.

Reproductive coercion

It is almost similar to sexual violence. It is exhibited by the attacker forcing the victim in sexual intercourse. It is also manifested by sabotaging birth control methods. Forced abortion or denying one a chance to have it is also part of this violence. Others do it by keeping their partners pregnant shortly after birth.

Financial abuse

Controlling other people financially constitute financial abuse. Limiting one from working or by preventing a partner from work well as tracking the spending behaviors of a partner also amounts to financial abuse. Others practice financial abuse by stealing their partner’s money.
People are advised to report to the relevant authorities when such domestic violence acts occur.

In some states for example in the US, it has been made mandatory to report any form of domestic abuse. When such cases are reported, the safety of the abused person is always guaranteed.