How to Choose the Right Dog Food

Choosing the best food for your dog is quite important. It may take you long until you find the right food for your dog. Even the process is quite long; it is worth the effort to ensure your little companion is healthy at all times. Nowadays, various types of feeds have their pros and cons. There major types of dog food are canned, dry, frozen, and raw. Each of this can be classified into natural, fresh, organic, and those that contain additives and preservatives.


dog foodA lot of pet owners and breeders consider dry food as the best one. It is regarded to be complete because of the various benefits it offers. This type of food comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes that are quite easy to store. For instance, this food helps keep the gums healthy. Other benefits include cost-effective, improve coat, skin condition, and ensure firm stools. Giving your dog this type of food on a regular basis helps correct development of the skeletal system and muscles.

Fresh or Raw

This may not be common as it used to. It now seems to make a comeback as many dog breeders and owners continue to advocate for its use. They argue that dogs do not digest grains properly. This may be true to a given extent since the digestive system of the dog is made to eat cooked or processed food. The truth is that raw feeding is more complicated as compared to regular feeding with canned food or dry food. You should seek the help of a veterinarian.


quality dog foodCanned food or wet food is quite popular as dried food because of its low price per serving. It can be mixed with dried feeds. This type of dog food is rich in moisture and protein. This makes it good for the urinary tract and hydration. It is also more palatable as compared to other types of food for several reasons. Unfortunately, it has a short shelf life after opening. Also, some dogs have been found to increase weight after feeding on it.

It is important to understand that feeding your dog is a tough process and as the dog gets old, there are different types of foods it needs in certain stages of its life. When it is a puppy, you should feed it with soft, small, and formulated food to stimulate growth.