The Voga Replica Furniture Preview

In the mid 21st century, many designers came up with various furniture designs that did not hold any serious patent licenses. This primarily because they did not understand much about the effects it could have on their models. The designers were mostly from the Scandinavian countries as well as the European countries. This resulted in other companies coming up and replicating, distributing and selling their work without much of a problem.

However, other companies still respect the rights of the designers and have better agreements and licenses of selling their products. Check voga vs 122 Design to note the difference. So below we are going to check a preview of Voga, which is a UK based company that makes and sells replica furniture.

A preview of Voga UK

The history of Voga

Together with other replica furniture companies in the UK, Voga came into being in the mid – 2000 taking advantage of the loopholes in the designer furniture patents. The law did not completely hinder them from replicating any designer furniture or even selling the products. Some of the designers work Voga does include the egg chair, The Y-chair and many others from the Scandinavian designers.


The products

Voga does not have their designs for furniture but replicates others peoples designs. However, there may be slight changes on the original furniture. The changes can either be of the materials and the measurement dimensions. The concept remains as well as the name. Voga commonly produces the egg chair, Y-chair, Barcelona chair and many other types of furniture. They not only deal with the furniture but also produce the Arne Jacobsen’s PH lamp.

The supply

You will be surprised to learn that Voga company supply their products all over the world. Of course, they have most of their clients coming from back home, but that does not mean they do not work with other agents all over the world to maximize sales. It is common to see Voga furniture and other designer products in America and other parts of Europe. They have agents who source for business and then orders are shipped of course taking into considerations various international laws.


The challenges

Voga as one of the replica furniture and other designer works company has been criticized for replicating other people’s work. They not only replicate work from the UK but from all over the work. The UK laws allow that for now. The replica association and other similar bodies protect their rights and help them to comply where possible.