A Review for Roomba Vacuum Cleaners

Roomba Vacuum cleaners are flawless vacuum cleaners that are used for cleaning offices and homes. They are designed with high-tech features that make them very effective for cleaning jobs. There are different models of Roomba vacuum cleaners on the current market that you can choose from. These include Roomba, 760, 761, 650, 614, 652, among others.

You can get the best vacuum cleaners by reading the available reviews and understanding how the different models operate. Buyers can Read their latest roomba 761 vs 650 article by clicking here. Some of the key features that make these machines very powerful and effective include app-compatibility, long battery life, and self-charging. You should choose a piece of equipment that offers important features. This write-up is going to share the useful features that can help you in finding the best Roomba cleaner.

IRobot App Compatible

IRobot has come up with a smart program that maksmartphone appes the newest models more comfortable for use. You can install this app in your tablet or Smartphone and use it to control your robotic vacuum cleaner wirelessly. Homeowners can invoke their cleaning equipment by giving them cleaning instructions even when they are away from their homes. In addition to this, the user can invoke other smart eaters like full bin action and Carpet Boost using this application.


The average weight of these cleaners ranges from 7.9 to 8.7 pounds. The weight of the machine does not affect its performance. This means that buyers should not be put off by the increase in weight. These machines are well-designed to make the vacuuming process easier and efficient.


Roomba models have the same height (3.6 inches). This is the recommended height for robot vacuum cleaners. You can use these machines to effortlessly glide different kinds of sofa-sets and furniture.

Cleaning System

Most of the 600 series models use either the basic 3-stage cleaning system or the first AeroVac technology. They don’t have the whistles and bells found in the latest models, but they are still efficient. On the other hand, the 700 models are designed with the highly effective AeroVac 2 cleaning systems. These are high –quality and affordable machines. The 900 and 800 series Roombas are also designed with advanced Aeroforce cleaning system. The 900 and 800 series models utilize the tested 3-state system that makes them more powerful than the other models.

Hepa Filter

Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners are designed with HEPA filters making them ideal for customers suffering from allergies. HEPA filters are highly efficient, and they can be used to trap different types of allergens and pollutants.