Reasons to consider barkbox dog subscription

Barkbox is one of the most popular dog subscriptions that supplies dog treats and toys every month. There are many monthly subscriptions that you can choose for your dog, but barkbox is one of the best that we have today. There are many reasons to choose barkbox over any other subscriptions available for dog gifts and treats. Once you get a barkbox subscription, you will be assured of getting the dog treats and gifts on a monthly basis. The best thing with this subscription is the fact that it can be done online.

Why a barkbox subscription?

Delicious and healthy snacks

Once in a while, it is good to reward your dog with a healthy snack apart from the main meal. The barkbox comes with a snack that is not only delicious but also healthy. The treats are suitable for all dog types, and if your dog is allergic, you will be safe. The delicious snacks are free from soy and also wheat, and this makes them suitable for the dogs that have allergies. Depending on the likes and the needs of your dog, you can always request a customized healthy snack pack.


Element of surprise

One thing that you must love about the barkbox surprises that comes with the subscription. Just like people, dogs need surprises, and barkbox has a way of keeping it interesting. Unlike other subscription that will keep bringing something similar every time, you will get surprises. Each month, you will get something new and unique that your dog will work.

Variety of treat

The reason why barkbox is still the best dog subscription is that of the variety that it offers. It comes with two edible treats, two toys, and two chews. Your dog will appreciate the variety that is offered. The variety is interesting because each month you get different types of treats.


The good thing about the barkbox is the fact that they accept a replacement of one item from the monthly subscription box. In case your dog doesn’t like one of the items that are offered in the subscription box, you can always get a replacement for the item. However, they only accept a replacement for one item.


Fair pricing

With a barkbox subscription, you get good value for money. Instead of shopping for dog treats separately, you get everything you want in one box at a lower cost.