How To Avoid Road Accidents

When driving, your safety is very crucial. It is critical for every driver to practice safe driving to reduce the  increasing number of road accidents. The increasing number of accidents has led to the loss of many lives and increased levels of disability. The number of accidents occurring is exponentially increasing every year mainly due to individual’s negligence.

In the US, for example, the number of accidents is very high during weekends, Christmas holidays and summer vacation. All the road traffic laws need to be adhered to save lives. Vehicles are dangerous machines which would kill anybody when driven recklessly.

Techniques you should follow to minimize road accidents

Maintain eye focus

One should look further ahead not just seeing what is some distance from your car. Eye focus gives one ample time to react in case of any unforeseen event arising.

Note the blind spotsvehicle

You should be aware of any blind spot as you are driving. A panoramic view will help you in seeing what is behind the vehicle. One should, therefore, adjust the side view and rear mirrors accordingly to obtain this panoramic view. Avoid getting into a blind spot when a big truck is behind your car.

Keep off the left lane

Always avoid using the left lane where a multi lane exists. To make it possible in changing the path quickly in case of an emergency, ensure you are driving in the center lane of the right side. It should be noted that most accidents occur on the right side.

Maintain your vehicle

Proper maintenance of your vehicle ensures that it works efficiently. Regular servicing is essential to avoid a major breakdown on the roads. Using motor oil of high quality is also recommended for the efficient running of the transmission system.

Keep you engine limits in mindspeedo meter

The driver should be aware of what his/her vehicle’s capability being a sport or a vintage one. Different cars have different tires, engine, and brakes limit. Failure to understand the engine limit would over stretch the vehicle leading to road accidents.

Night practice

New drivers are discouraged from practicing at night. The field of vision is very weak at night requiring a more defensive approach which might be hectic for the beginners. Malfunctioning tail and head lights are also discouraged in a dark road.

Maintain a close distance between the seat and the steering

Shifting of the driver’s seat is recommended to ensure the hand rests on the wheel. Close range very critical in reducing fatigue and makes it easy to maneuver the car.

Always keep your hands in 3 and 9 o’clock position to gain much control of the vehicle. This position provides an easy time when taking a quick maneuver.